Tuesday, 17 October 2017

How to gather energy for the long 'run' ahead!

Gosh! I don't know what I was thinking when I quit sports (or perhaps, any other physical activities). It was all so stressed out for the past 2 months! Thinking that saving that 1-hour training can help you concentrate on coursework, is I must say it aloud, Absurd!

I knew I had to start back, but honestly there is no time for sports activities to follow, but certainly, there is time for physical training. So, I did that last Saturday. I fired up my laptop for TU Delft sports center and without further ado, I had to get my sports card. Still uncertain of my association duration, I registered for one month to start with. 19 Euro well spent.

Today, we had the running activity. Though I have been in a habit of long distance runs but its always good to learn some good techniques to boost the stamina. Plus, these trainers are really qualified guys! His name was Jos and we were joined by 5 other. I remember Adi and Jolien. It was a great run and indeed I have lost a good deal of stamina in the past few months, which I intend to get back.

There were many exercises of stretching, that you can easily substitute for any stretching exercise you know. I did learn a few good techniques for training long runs though.

1. Always start by walking. A medium paced walk which should gain more pace in 3-4 minutes. At this point, start to walk fast (just your casual fast walk, not the intense fast walk). Use shoulders and arms in synchronization. Keep going like this for 1-2km (just about time, you start feeling warm in the legs). Relax now and get back to your normal walk.

2. Dribble - Light jogging with arms and shoulders in sync.

3. Sprint Ahead: We used to dribble ahead in a row each 5 meters apart from the other. At this point, the last one sprints ahead to the front (rest continue to dribble). Again the new one at the last makes the sprint and this way each one gets a chance to sprint ahead. A good training for energy. Feel free to do it for 4-5 mins (depending on your stamina).

4. Interval Training - We set a stopwatch for one minute. We fast dribble (for 1 minute) and relax (normal walk) for the next one minute. This is repeated at least 10 times (more if you can, just don't overdo this)

By simply doing interval training, one can easily build up a great amount of stamina in 1-2 weeks. This should be done every day. Try to go 5+ km and push your limits. In no time you'll be confident to go for 20 km. The trick here is - relax during runs but not too much (keep your heat on).

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